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Journal of Applied Human Capital Management

From 2009, the Journal is now only available through the VaLUENTiS client network. Some articles will later appear as white papers which will be available in the wider public domain.

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Thought Leadership

Strategic HCM article (click to download)

Employee Engagement article (click to download)

Brave New HR World Part I article (click to download)


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Volume 1
No. 1 2007
(click image to download)

Thought Leadership

Brave New HR World Part II article (click to download)

Transforming Employee Surveys as Workforce Intelligence Instruments (click to download)

Organisation Engagement: Evaluating Your HCM Signature (click to download)

Cracking the Human Capital Code & the HCC Index (click to download)

Volume 1
No. 2 2007
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Thought Leadership

Real HR Transformation (click to download)

Employer of Choice (click to download)

Human Capital Reporting (click to download)


Volume 1
No. 3 2007
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The CEO issue

SHCM: Closing the Hole in the HR Ozone Layer (click to download)

The Enterprise-Wide Application of HCMI (star billing) (click to download)

Managing the Talent Equation (click to download)

Employee Engagement Success Factors (click to download)

Effective Organisation Leadership: EbM (click to download)

Rewarding A, Not Penalising B, Getting C (click to download)

Special issue

Only available to HCMI course students

Volume 1 No.4 2007

Volume 2 No.1 2008 (click image to download)