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We assist client organisations in optimising the effectiveness of the HR function through a number of approaches

- HR functional return on investment/spend effectiveness
- HR value proposition(s)
- HR delivery systems
- HR rules management and audit
- HR 'work-out' (transformation) programmes

Our methodologies and approaches are designed to assist with developing HR strategy, HR capabilities, and enhancing HR delivery models. Clients now have the opportunity to utilise our LeanHR®/DynamicHR® services, which fuse supply chain management, design for six sigma and value-based HR techniques in optimizing the effectiveness of HR function value contribution. Underpinning our approach is the use of our ubiquitous HR Profiler™ which designates the 93 areas of people management activity and output to four different levels.

Client organisations can evaluated their entire approach to people management through either the VB-HR™ Rating or through being accredited with the HCMI Standard, both of which assess a combination of organisation performance, people management practice and reporting.

The capability of HR and management professionals can also be enhanced through attending the unique portfolio of HCM-related courses offered through our International School of Human Capital Management (